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Small Business Improvement

Kansas Business Solutions, is a local strategic consulting business, that delivers experience and expertise in business improvement, performance optimization, and cost reduction. I can support you across most small business needs with results focus improvement including:

  • Improving marketing and sales.
  • Establishment of performance metrics.
  • Process bench-marking & competitor analysis.
  • Identify & eliminating the source of inefficiencies.
  • Improving Profit & Reducing Cost.

Continuous Improvement Based on Proven Results

With Kansas Business Solutions’ continuous improvement services are grounded in proven results backed by data. Our strategic plans include measurable improvement in our clients’ operational efficiency and effectiveness.

All of my services, are backed by experience and a history of success.

Get a strategic partner on your Team

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The Goal is to assist your team in project planning, valuation, marketing plan, cost control, scheduling, risk management, quality assurance, supply chain management, communications and change management.

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Below is the current Pricing for Small Business Improvement Consulting. Please contact us and see which plan fits your needs best.  If you are not ready for 5 figure growth, please check out our affordable Marketing services.


Dedicated On/Off Site Time



Project Management

Lean / Process Optimization

Continuous Improvement

Problem Solving

Leadership Developement

5 Figure Gowth



Personal Plan

Up-to 8 Hours





6 Figure Growth



Business Plan

Up to 30 Hours





Project Lead

Work with your Team

Available for any Staff

In a rapidly changing and volatile business environment, continuous improvement must be part of a businesses strategy to achieve and maintain profitability and competitive advantage.